Low Sodium Beef Jerky
You're Gonna Love it!!!

A few notes about my experience with Jerky Direct....

First the beef jerky was amazingly good, actually great.  It disappeared around my house, my wife and kids both love it.

Second, my online beef jerky business grew quickly, it sprouted like a seed that just needed a bit of water (i.e. work), but with both water and light it really took off.

Today I couldn't be more satisfied about my involvement with Jerky Direct.   I've never seen a similar business that you could start for less than a half a tank of gas.  Of course you will have to do some work.

It really is mind blowing how quickly this business can grow.  If you can part with a whole $15 presto you're in business for yourself, what you make of it is up to you.   In the worst case you get some free jerky.

Of all the brands out there, Jerky Direct is the best, because it's all-natural and tastes amazing.  You may have heard that beef jerky has had a bad reputation because of the salt content and the taste of chemicals in many store brands. But with Jerky Direct, there are no added preservatives (like sodium nitrite and erythorbate) or msg, and the animals of Jerky Direct are raised without hormones. All this can be tasted with the incredible flavor and tender texture of the products. Remarkably, Jerky Direct has very low sodium compared to all the other brands out there.

All companies that produce jerky have signature flavors. With Jerky Direct, you'll find over 20 to choose from. Here's a few of my favorite varieties. Click on any variety to see the nutritional information and to order. Most jerky products are sold for $5-$6 in the store for a 4 oz. Bag. Jerky direct is $6/bag, with inexpensive  shipping rates.